Blueprint on Health Reform in Malaysia

The People’s Health Forum (PHF) has identified the main issues confronting the Malaysian healthcare system and the reforms that are needed.
From 2019 to 2020, the People’s Health Forum (PHF) conducted a series of six roundtable discussions with various stakeholders, including medical and allied health professionals, academics, civil society organizations, representatives from the Ministry of Health (MOH), patient groups, and trade unions to discuss challenges confronting the healthcare system in Malaysia and the way forward. The last session was held in March 2020.
Based on these discussions and further research, the findings are summarized in this document, the Blueprint on Health Reform in Malaysia.

The People’s Health Forum (PHF) is a platform created in April 2019 by several not-for-profit organizations and individuals who are committed to the principle of healthcare as a human right, i.e., universal healthcare as an entitlement based not on the ability to pay, but on the basis of need. Reforms in the organization and financing of healthcare (to cope with key health challenges in Malaysia), affordable access to medicines, and health equity along multiple dimensions are among the issues that have brought members of the PHF together.

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